Feb 10, 2011

Changes on Facebook

Have you noticed that the only posts that you see on Facebook anymore are from the people that you talk to constantly ("close friends")?  Wondering what everyone else has been doing?  Well, Facebook has had a few changes recently.... and here is how to fix your news feed to get all updates!

On the main page under "Most Recent" on your news feed, there is a drop down box.  Click it.  Then click "Edit Options."  You will then see a pop up box that asks who you would like to see updates from (either the people you interact with all the time or everyone).  Select everyone.  Then go back to your main page and you will be able to see a lot that you haven't seen before (including posts from The Clearance Chick!). 

If you aren't a fan of the Clearance Chick on Facebook -- head on over and become one ;-)


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