Jul 26, 2010

Back to School Deals this Week

This week is a big week for school supplies. I mentioned that you can get a free backpack at Staples early last week - and I just wanted to remind you of that. Here is a big list of deals for the week.


Buy any backpack and get 100% back in a Staples Gift Card after easy rebate.
1 cent items: Staples 500-sheet paper (after $4.98 rebate), Bic ballpoint pens (limit of 2)
25 cent items: Zebra retractable gel pens (after $4.74 rebate), Staples highlighters, Really Useful Box
$9.99 for 4GB flash drives
$14.98 for 100 packs of DVD-R or 50 packs of DVD+R
$19.99 desk chairs
With in-ad coupons, you can get the following items: Scotch shipping tape, 3/pack of Scotch Magic Tape, and 12 packs of pencils for $1; 2 packs of jumbo glue sticks and double sided dry erase boards are $2; school tool kits, 3/pack of Westcott scissors, and 18-packs of Pentel retractable pens for $4

Office Max
If you have a MaxPerks card, you can get 2 FREE Backpacks after rewards.
You can also get the following other items for free: Non-view binders, Sharpie fine-point permanent markers (12-packs), Uni-ball gel pens (3-packs), Hammermill copy paper, and Poly notebooks
$9.99 for 4GB Flash Drive
50 cent items: rulers, 25-count erasers
$1: protractor and compass set
$2: paint set, markers, Pentel retractable pens (5-pack)
$5: Officemax inkjet or laser paper
2 for $3: Elmer's Glue Sticks
2 for $4: select scissors
2 for $5: Post-it flags


$1 items: Elmers 6 pack of glue sticks, composition books, 12-packs of pencils, retractable eraser
$9 items: Texas Instruments 30XIIS, 4GB USB drives, Embark insulated lunch kit with water bottle or backpack
88 cents: Construction paper or Crayola colored pencils
$3.50: planners
$8: Insulated lunch purse
$3.50: 10-ct. pocket sharpie highlighters or 26-ct. Bic mechanical pencils


25 cent items: composition books, Elmer's glue twin packs, Elmer's washable school glue, and Crayola crayons
97 cents: Marvel or Lisa Frank Folders
$2.50: Marvel or Lisa Frank Notebooks
15 cents: 2-pocket paper folders, notebooks
50 cents for 10-ct. pencils
75 cents for binders
$1.50: Bic BriteLiner Highlighters, Bic Mechanical Pencils
$1: Crayola markers, pencil cap erasers, pink erasers, pencil case, Crayola colored pencils, pencil sharpener


Buy 1 Get 1 Free: Fashion notebooks, Crayola crayons, Elmer's glue sticks or Krazy glue, Bic markers, Bic mechanical pencils, Pilot G2 pens, Paper Mate mechanical pencils, or Expo dry erase markers, Caliber tape, Georgia-Pacific copy paper, Mead index cards
Papermate pens are 2 for $1
Caliber 1-subject notebooks are 3 for $1


Papermate Mechanical pencils 30-pk. are $.99
Buy 1 Get 1 Free: Mead 5 Star portfolio, Themebook, or Notebook, Backpacks; Binders; Scotch tape (with in-ad coupon), and other select school supplies
2-pocket folders are $.09 (limit of 5)
Get Crayola colored pencils for $.99 with in-ad coupon
Get sheet protectors for $1.99 with in-ad coupon
Get filler paper for $.59 with in-ad coupon
Get composition books for $.69 with in-ad coupon
2-subject notebooks are $.99 each
$.39 items: ruler, protractor, poly pencil or index card case, 2 pocket portfolio
Pilot Easytouch Pens: $.99
Elmer's glue: $.59 with in-ad coupon
Crayons for $.39 with in-ad coupon
Posterboard: $.39 with in-ad coupon
Mini-composition book: $.19 with in-ad coupon
Papermate profile pens or sharpie markers: $.69 with in-ad coupon
Carry-all pouch: $.59 with in-ad coupon
Scotch mailers: $39 each


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