Jul 5, 2010

$10 MIR on Febreeze Products

In the 6/6 paper, there was an advertised $10 MIR on $20 of Febreeze products. If you did not get the paper that day, you can print off the mail-in form here. Check out this great deal I've put together for shopping at Walgreens this week:

Febreeze items are 25% off. Plus, when you buy $10 worth, you will get back 2 in RR. If you have the $5 off coupons from Red Plum sent recently in a home mailer, you can get a great deal. The soy candles and reed diffusers are on sale for $7.49. Do 2 transactions and buy 2 in each transaction: $14.98 each time. Use 2 of the $5 coupons: $4.98 in each transaction. Get back $2 in each transaction: $2.98 for two items. Then submit your receipts for the Febreeze MIR and get back $10. That means you will be spending $5.96 for 4 items and getting back $10 - which means you get all of the items for FREE + $4.04 moneymaker!!


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