Jan 8, 2010

Deals Found at the Mall

I just got back from a relaxing day of shopping at the mall. Here are some of the great deals I found......

Carlton Cards has all of their Christmas inventory 90% off. I found a few cute ornaments for $.60 each. They also have some Spring items at 75% off. I bought some stationery for $1.25.

Victoria's Secret: the semi-annual sale is almost over. All of their clearance bras are now $15 each. Clearance panties are all also $2.99.

Hallmark has all of their Christmas inventory 75% off. This includes all of their Keepsake ornaments.

Bath and Body Works: all Christmas-scented candles and soaps are 75% off. I grabbed a few anti-bacterial soaps for $1.25 each.


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